Mahjong racks

mahjong racks

Complete your Mahjong set with these, new on the market, pusher and rack combination. The pushers, also known as ''extending arms'' or ''helping hands'' build. GammonVillage Store - We store high quality mah jong tile racks and other mahjong accessories. Get yours online or call toll free. Wooden Mah Jong Tile Racks Mah Jong Racks - Set of 4. The classic deluxe Mah jong rack. For a proper game. Wood sourced from well managed forests.


7 Best Mahjong Sets 2016 Nanjing TOPSUN ISO metal storage rack mahjong tile racks adjustable slotted rack. Luxury tile racks to accompany Mah Jong mahjong racks Luxury version with rear tile ledges - browser solitaire your Mah Jong tiles out as they are played Natural wood 38cm long. Mahjong Engraver Wood Carving Cnc Router Cnc Router Machine View larger image. This matching set of 4 modern pushers is available in an attractive opaque black color scheme. Category Price high to low Price low to high. The plastic is probably either Bakelite or Catalin.

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