Siberian white tiger

siberian white tiger

White tiger. White Bengal tigers have also been crossed with Siberian tigers to produce a larger specimen which in turn causes even more genetic. There have been unconfirmed sightings of white Siberian tigers in the wild and I can't see the white tiger in. siberian white tiger


White Tiger Mating With A Bengal Tiger

Siberian white tiger - dem

A male white tiger named Cheytan, a son of Bhim and Sumita born at the Cincinnati Zoo, died at the San Antonio Zoo in from anaesthesia complications during root canal therapy. About White Tigers Date Unknown Available at: By Staff2 January 15, at Macdonald, Oxford University Press The Encyclopedia Of Mammals [Accessed at: The stripes of the tiger are a pigmentation of the skin; if an individual were to be shaved, its distinctive coat pattern would still be visible. They also tend to be somewhat bigger at birth, and as fully grown adults.

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