Progressive jackpot bingo

progressive jackpot bingo

A simple, straightforward explanation of progressive jackpots in online bingo. When you play one of our great ball games without a guaranteed jackpot, part of the ticket price goes towards a progressive jackpot. That means that the. Progressive jackpots are a mainstay of on-line casinos, but they have also been welcomed into on-line bingo thanks to the huge amounts of prize money on offer.


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Wir verwenden Cookies, um Dir das bestmögliche Erlebnis auf unserer Seite zu gewährleisten. The smaller progressive jackpots which can be won more frequently are widely available, with Foxy Bingo offering progressive games several times each day. A progressive jackpot is initially funded at a set amount and each day at around midnight it increases based on ticket sales for the previous day. Just in case the usual house prizes don't add enough buzz to bingo we offer further big jackpots for you to win. You are using an outdated browser. Not only will you be able to see the current running total, but you will also be able to see when the last jackpot was won and how the current total may grow. There is no definitive amount that the jackpot is expected to be and it will continue to change with each game.

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